A Bigger Splash

<<“A Bigger Splash” has this magnificent chilly Warhol vibe to it. But I don’t mean the Andy Warhol pop art canvases that are on display at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Like Wayne Thiebaud or Manny Farber, Hockney is always wrongly tagged with the pop artists, even though he and “A Bigger Splash” are too dumpy and involvingly melancholic for the kind of distance that Warhol’s paintings stoke. Instead, I mean the Warhol on film, especially “The Chelsea Girls” (1966), in which snatches of strikingly banal conversations are picked up as the film drags its knuckles across the ground at a drugged, hypnotic pace. Like Warhol’s films, “A Bigger Splash” is reality TV avant la lettre, but rougher and coarser in texture than anything “Big Brother” has to offer and closer to the real world than “The Real World.”>>

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