Cult of Chucky

Cult of Chucky ★★★★½

It's weird to think that just over a decade ago, this felt like a dead franchise with nowhere else to go and now we've had two excellent entries in such a short space of time. Can you imagine the reaction if we got, say, two good Hellraiser sequels at this point in the game? In terms of mainstream franchise horror, it's a pretty miraculous thing.

Where Cult of Chucky succeeds is that rather than attempting a reboot, it fully embraces the strange twists and turns the series has taken over the years; there's something very unapologetic about the film's commitment to weirdness. Despite all the wackiness on display, Mancini really take his time in building an atmosphere and using the eerie mental hospital setting to its full potential. Much like Curse, Jennifer Tilly is somewhat underused but manages to steal the show during her brief moments on screen. I'm probably gonna watch this again this week while making my Halloween costume tbh. Really fucking good.