Tenet ★★★

A great movie for bathroom breaks, they show all the parts twice!! 

The parts that work best are the parts where it’s trying to be a James Bond/Mission Impossible movie. Those were so fun. To enjoy a movie, some people need to be able to understand the whole plot (everyone I saw this with totally hated it for this reason). If you can turn the voice off in your head that keeps asking what’s happening, then you can enjoy this movie. I could to an extent, but couldn’t totally turn it off. The performances were good, not great. Most the time I don’t understand a movie, I can’t wait to go to reddit or YouTube to have it explained to me. With this one, I haven’t really cared to find out what actually happened. I had fun with “we need to stop bad guy and will do so with these action set pieces.” No further explanation necessary. 

I was so blown away by the opening opera scene. Everyone being gassed and passing out looked mesmerizing. Ludwig’s score comes in so hard with the 808s halfway through and I loved it so so much. The score was one of my favorite parts of the movie. Ludwig may be the best working composer.

I saw a headline when the movie first came out saying it was humorless and I beg to differ. As someone who frequently orders soda at bars, I really appreciated the Diet Coke order joke. The Brooks Brothers  and English snobbery back and forth between JDW and Michael Cain?? C’mon! 

Also some great unintentional comedy in here. *In my best Batman voice* “I AM THE PROTAGIONIST” 

Elizabeth Debicki was great in this, but she wasn’t given any help by Nolan. When she finds out the world may end and everyone dies: “Does that mean my son would die???”

Several heists in this movie, which I love. The best one is the Oslo airport heist. Just a nice smash and grab job as Linus in the oceans movies would say. 

Could not get enough yachts in this movie. Every time we were on a yacht, I was having a great time. Also the catamarans...I was totally unfamiliar with competitive speed boat style catamarans until this movie and they look like a great time. 

My dumbass didn’t even realize the masked guards they fought during the airport heist were themselves. The twist seemed obvious when it was revealed, but I was still like “OWWWWWWW SHIT!” in the theater. 

The ending was kind of a dud. The call of duty mission? Really??? The setting was super bland and while I loved being back on the yacht, her trying to please her abusive husband so he doesn’t kill himself so the world doesn’t end was ehhhhh NOT GOOD CHRISTOPHER 

The legacy of this movie will forever be tied to COVID-19 and, as unfair as that it is, it’s what I’ll think of when I think of this movie. It had the unbearable weight of trying to save the theater experience. It was constantly pushing its release date and eventually released in a limited way that couldn’t be big. It’s just a bummer.

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