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  • Split


    After wasting years on an airbender, M. Night Shyamalan rediscovers his sixth sense for cinema with a supernatural horror film that crucially doesn’t suck. His suspense-building and creepy camerawork works new life out of genre clichés, though not without a little help from his friends. Shyamalan’s successes display a huge gulf in casting quality compared to his duds—sour memories of nepotism and whitewashing are banished here. James McAvoy manages to wrestle what could be a bunch of silly accents into…

  • Casino


    Yes, it’s derivative of Goodfellas – Joe Pesci practically plays the same character. I found the first 70 minutes of near-unbroken narration exhausting, even when the production is this lush, sometimes the viewer needs a breather. The narration is also guilty of spelling everything out more than necessary. Scorsese can tell better than anyone, but his signature storytelling tic can occasionally overpower the show. And I never wholly bought into the premise, this story doesn’t have the constant pulling power…