2021 Films by Letterboxd Filmmakers

A list of films made by filmmakers who are Letterboxd members that premiered or were released in 2021. Suggestions are welcome, please see below for the full criteria.

• The film must have a limited or wide theatrical release in any country, or;
• At least one festival screening — this includes any accredited festival, from large markets to small local/virtual festivals, or;
• A public premiere, or VOD release, or curated streaming release (i.e. Netflix, Mubi).
• Films primarily distributed on non-curated services such as YouTube and Vimeo are not eligible, with exceptions only for films that have had a film festival screening.

The first eligible screening with the date and venue is listed in the notes along with a link to the filmmaker's Letterboxd account. Films are listed alphabetically.

See also: Pedro Tavares's Letterboxd Scene list.