A Hard Stare at Paddington 3

Studiocanal representatives have confirmed that a new Paddington film is in the works (”active development” is the term, as reported by Variety). To say we’re tickled the brightest shade of shrimp is an understatement. Michael Bond’s bear has a firm place in Letterboxd hearts: Paddington 2 was the second highest rated action/adventure film and third highest rated comedy of the 2010s.

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“It’s there, in your dream. A whole world buried under us. One where the earth was alive. The sea could think and change. Time could move as it wished.”

One of the things I really love about The Wanting Mare (and could appreciate much more a third time around) is how carefully but consistently it threads through these ideas about a ruined world yearning for the one before, a future dystopia where magic has been extinguished and where instead this machinery…

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar is an exercise in pure chaos, where all rhyme and reason is thrown out the window in favor of the funniest jokes and the most liberating of escapist moments. Its mouthful of a title may be straight-forward, but the film itself is anything but.

At its most basic, undetailed level, it follows two middle-aged friends who go to Florida in need of an adventure after losing their dream jobs in a furniture…

Mona Fastvold’s engaging frontier drama is a nuanced, deeply elegant tale of alienated love. It’s beautifully crafted through and through, with both Katherine Waterston and Vanessa Kirby delivering immensely tender performances that work in tandem with the film’s ravishing visuals and soulful score. Such a captivating watch.

Little Fish is truly special, winning me over from its very first sequence and leaving me on the edge of my seat till its last gut punch. There's no doubt this film would have left a lingering feeling under ordinary circumstances. However, debuting during a pandemic adds a layer of poignancy to this story of a worldwide virus that causes memory loss, creating loneliness and isolation for both its victims and their loved ones, that it’s hard not to link…

Siri, show me some images I haven't seen before.

at the forty-six minute mark of this film, zendaya asks weakly, "are you done?" and john david washington sighs and replies, "not even fucking close." i looked at the run time and saw that i had an entire hour left of this film and i thought to myself... wow. art does imitate life.

if you wanna watch a movie where a couple fights with each other for what feels like ages, watch BEFORE MIDNIGHT. watch MARRIAGE STORY. you don't need…




To hell with the patriarchy and the machismo!

We support the sisterhood!
We support the feminists!
We are all for equity!

Phenomenal story, made me gasp, made me shed a tear, made me proud. Well deserving of all the Sundance prizes it took home. ❤️

I was folding laundry when I started this movie… As it would turn out this is not the type of movie you fold laundry to. If I had truly wanted to get some chores done I perhaps should have turned on another film. Sonic The Hedgehog, maybe. Or the Tomb Raider remake from a couple of years ago. I have yet to see Galaxy Quest but that strikes me a perfectly capable film to have on in the background while…