Prospect ★★★½

"Listen...I know well the lure of vengeance. I, myself, have frequently indulged and I have not often found regret."

Rewatch Review: With a budget smaller than $4 million, it's stunning what Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell bring to life in 'Prospect,' an indie sci-fi thriller that's elevated by a sarcastic script and two fantastic performances from Sophie Thatcher and Pedro Pascal. They're two strangers from opposite sides of life, each with their own reasons to loathe one another, who are now glued together by this diversity and form a budding relationship as they avoid poisonous spores and dangerous mercenaries in their quest for riches and getting back home. It's poetic, in a sense, and I love watching the two work together and connive to take what they want and escape with their lives.

It's a beautiful looking film, with the planet they're on feeling extraterrestrial but also something you might see in a nearby forest, and the directors use their limited resources and constraints very well to make this feel as big and expansive as possible. The green screen may become apparent at times but it doesn't take away from the awe-inspiring beauty of the planets and skies. The film drags a bit in the middle for me but it makes up for it by the deepening connection the two share, the wonderful conversations they have in their trek together, and a very exciting, dangerous finale.

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