Nobody ★★★½

"I hope these assholes like hospital food."

Bob Odenkirk as a lighter John Wick? Check. A killer soundtrack that totally fits with what's unfolding? Check. Heavy gore blending well with incredible comedic timing? Check.

Ilya Naishuller's 'Nobody' is a wonderful treat, a great return to the cinemas after not having been in such a long time, and Odenkirk's Hutch Mansell, beyond sporting a damn cool name, makes for one of my favorite action heroes in a long while. He's highly skilled, competently trailed but given his years of retirement and enjoying the family life, he's clearly rusty, as displayed brilliantly in the fight scenes, where he has his ass handed to him quite often. The film does overuse the buddy aspect and slow motion at times, making the sequences a bit more lighthearted, and it's not as gritty and full of bruising fist fights, like the wonderful bus sequence, as I had hoped, but the experience as a whole is still great. There's a lot left of this world to explore and I can only hope we eventually get a sequel to this. Odenkirk's a certified badass here and this one is pure popcorn fun worthy of the ticket price.

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