Devil ★★½

"You think this will make you good? You're not good."

An exciting mystery involving five strangers and the Devil, John Erick Dowdle's aptly-titled 'Devil' gives us a constricting, suspicious whodunit inside an elevator as the body count slowly climbs and the supernatural occurrences grow in number, with inexplicable events becoming more frequent and impossible to explain. On the outside, a detective looks into suspicious deaths around the building before setting his sights on the happenings in the elevator and the growing number of victims. It has some nice little twists throughout, giving credence to why some of the characters are so pivotal in this little horror story, and offers a good scare or two at times. It flies by with its tiny runtime and its well-selected cast, particularly Logan Marshall-Green and Bokeem Woodbine, making it easily digestible, and has been a nice source of fun to return to over the years, ever since I saw it in theaters. It's nothing magnificent or special but it's pure entertainment at times and that's all you can ask from a film like this.

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