Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

Walks the tight rope of an on-edge revenge thriller and heartbreaking story of the fallout of a life changing event before it gives into the more salivating genre fair side, going absolutely balls to the wall in one of the most shocking endings of the year.

It’s strengths become seemingly lightly flourished by the end but still shine through, showing not just one person becomes changed by trauma and not just over a short amount of time. Promising Young Woman is a rock hard candy coated gem with chills and thrills on the outside but a deeply empathetic center which becomes the highlight once everything you think you know shatters into pieces. Cassie is just one person affected here showing the secondary trauma which extends to her family and her work life and from those things on to the next. These moments don’t just shift the lives of one but many, and not for just a moment, but for life. Maybe this will spawn think pieces, be compared to other, better written femme fatale stories but it’s bold enough on all accounts to be talked about nonetheless. A dual film like Bacurau with an even more Knock Knock level swing and take with that what you will I guess because they both serve on each level and makes me appreciate such bold moves even more.  Casting is flawless all around because damn does it hurt seeing such lovable actors play some of the most vile humans on screen.

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