Friends: The Reunion

Friends: The Reunion

Like a lot of others, Friends was a significant variable in my daily routine for a long while. Even though I only became aware of this show long after its initial run on television, I watched and rewatched episodes of Friends almost obsessively, because these six friends somehow resonated so much for me. Even the worst episodes made me smile and laugh, simply because these six people had so much chemistry and managed to get something great out of the tiniest things. The only other sitcom that had even half as much of an impact on me was The Nanny, but nothing can really top Friends.

For years, a reunion had been in the talks, partly because of the massive fan community requesting it, partly because it was to be expected this special could only become a massive hit with audiences. As with many other cases, it could have turned out to be something that should better have been left untouched, closed off in the nostalgia drawer. But their chemistry is still so strong and sincere that it makes this special a must-watch for any fan of Friends.

I absolutely could have done without the celebrity cameos, the guest appearances of stars without any relation to the series (except for Lady Gaga), or James Corden's role as the host (whyyy?), and where the hell was Paul Rudd, but the nostalgia carried it all on its own, and seeing James Michael Tyler and Maggie Wheeler made me insanely happy. I would have liked to see something a little more in-depth, like them talking about the struggles with success and the intense expectations that came with it, but it was to be expected that nostalgia celebration was the path to take to make the fans happy. I'm not thrilled with every decision made here, but I can be hard to please when it comes to my favorite shows, and Friends will always have a special place in my heart, so this was a treat anyway.

And now I'll definitely rewatch a few of my favorite episodes.

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