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  • Before Midnight

    Before Midnight

    The main problem with Before Sunrise is that it didn't yet know how to say what it wanted to say.

    The problem with Before Midnight is that it's running out of things to say.

    As a functional conclusion to a narrative, this movie's existence makes complete sense, and it puts a well-thought lid on things. I can't believe they were ever considering making a fourth one. There's nowhere left to go after this!

    If I hadn't known about this movie,…

  • Before Sunset

    Before Sunset


    When they're walking in the park and that leaf drops from the tree right in front of them while Celine alludes to a loss of hope, and Ethan looks down at the leaf, his eyes following it to the ground as she trails off...you can't script that stuff!!

    There's honestly nothing in this that Julie Delpy isn't doing. Iconic behavior.

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  • Meet the Spartans

    Meet the Spartans

    this movie is weirdly good on occasion, but at other occasions, I genuinely hope for death, like not even as a bit

  • Goodbye, Dragon Inn

    Goodbye, Dragon Inn


    Goodbye, Dragon Inn is a cinematic simmer that I couldn't fathom having seen outside of a theatre, watching the on-screen audience bleed into the audience that you, and all the others in your periphery, belong to. The boundary is irrelevant. The movie is, itself, a member of the audience. This early revelation that feels, initially, like a clever framing device ends up becoming an integral part of Goodbye, Dragon Inn's philosophical language.

    But let's not get ahead of ourselves. To…