Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★½

10 Reasons Love Exposure is a certified masterpiece (Or: 10 reasons I love it, and so should you...);

1.) Sees Japans Enfant Terrible Sion Sono at his most unfiltered- just a few good pals in their maximalist, hypersensitive quest for erotic and spiritual enlightenment, tackling the most serious of topics with a hilariously blasphemous shovel- and digging itself out of the ground every time, no big deal

2.) Theres no second wasted in all of its 237 mammothic minutes (I did the math— that’s 14,220 seconds of pure gold)— airborne almost constantly from frame zero, it’s the fastest 4 hours you’re likely to sit through

3.) “Jesus, I approve of you as the only cool man besides Kurt Cobain”, “Listen- All perverts were created evil”, “All men are my enemies. Men! Men! Men! Die!" “Jesus, forgive these morons” ...need I say more?

4.) A style that smacks you in the face and kicks you where the sun don’t shine. And you’re left saying yes, thank you, more please!

5.) Covers several laundry-lists worth of topics; Love, lust, faith, catholic guilt, sin, domestic and parental abuse, sexual deviancy, religious cults, martial-art of peek-a-boo panty-shots; and... still... feels... airtight??

6.) It’s perverse, blasphemous, gross-out, morally repugnant, purposely heinous and downright weird. It’s also impossible not to be smiling for every skewered second. That’s something...

7.) Character is key. Character is all. Without character, all else is moot. No worries, Sono has carefully constructed (crazy!) character in spades. Love ‘em or hate ‘em- you won’t see fit to look away

8.) Mrs Scorpion! The lady boss!!

9.) Merges the sacred and the profane— walking that tricky tightrope between the bloody and batty with rarely a foot set wrong, genre whiplash kept to the absolute bare minimum

10.) You’ve never seen anything like it- in all of the best ways - a subversion at every turn to keep your expectations in check, with every new scene another twist to laugh in the face of whatever rules they had said applied. A 4hr emotions-rollercoaster I never wanted off— it gave me the happiest headache I’ve ever had.

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