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  • The Forgotten Colours of Dreams

    The Forgotten Colours of Dreams



    Whenever binocular vision is depicted in cinema as two circles joined in the middle, you are being told an optical lie. The two eyes are but lenses through which the mind sees together but one image. When you look through binoculars, the mind sees not two circles but one.

    And so the circular, telescopic vision of The Forgotten Colours of Dreams produces a forceful distancing effect disembodying the viewer from all the material sense data being…

  • World of Glory

    World of Glory


    This 1991 short cemented Andersson’s conversion away from realism and marked the path to his Living Trilogy. Its Swedish title “Härlig är jorden” comes from a Christian hymn and translates as “Lovely Is the Earth.” Epitomizing the life of a tall, mustachioed, professional-class Swedish man, an estate agent, the film compresses all that needs to be said in 15 brief scenes — carefully composed images statically captured and arranged in a parabolic structure.


    1) Holocaust truck, the screaming…

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  • Burying Old Alive

    Burying Old Alive


    Of its 10 reels, numbers 3 and 6 of this movie are missing picture. The soundtrack survives, but 24 of the 110 minutes are just that, only sound. It is such a terrible shame. The first time the lights go out, there is a scene of tremendous violence done to a mute woman. Now, I’m all for the Bressonian principle of replacing images with sounds where possible, but this is ridiculous. Imagining what this rape scene is supposed to look…

  • The Glass Menagerie

    The Glass Menagerie


    RIP Hal Holbrook

    Mark Twain might be his definitive role, but in this TV adaptation from 1966, Hal Holbrook became the definitive Tom Wingfield. That’s not recognized by anyone but me — the movie was lost for fifty years, so no one remembers it. None of Holbrook’s obituaries mentions it. But the necessary elements for a reconstruction were found and pieced together in time to air on TCM in 2016 on the fiftieth anniversary of its original broadcast. It became…

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