The Strangers ★★★

While it doesn't completely bring anything fresh to the home invasion subgenre of horror, The Strangers is decent enough with its central premise in the end even if it did feel quite average at times.

The leading roles that are portrayed by Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman are set up to be exactly the considered type of compelling characters that you vigorously want to root for, and the outset definitely articulates that up for play ideally, yet it admittedly ends up being the complete opposite once the masked vigilantes come to take on their deliberate malice against them as they reenact the familiar motifs that everybody detests.

Despite that, the present titular brutes for the film itself were relatively imposing and quite menacing to say the least. The profound moments were they pop in on-screen suddenly without the specific implementation of a blaring noise and stare at the prime characters for some time are some of the most unnerving shots in all of horror, and with them having no apparent motive other than to murder vulnerable people is rather unsettling since it isn't far fetched in the slightest as that does genuinely happen realistically, too.

That clear-cut factor certainly got beneath my skin for sure, although the film as a whole is moderately formulaic in other points, and I've definitely seen novelly better variations of it out there before ultimately.

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