The Dark Knight ★★★★★

Ah, The Dark Knight. I never get tired of revisiting this film every single time I check out the entirety of this notable trilogy again. This is practically peak DC right here and it's not only just that, but actually the peak of all comic book films and possibly all sequels as well.

It's been twelve years ever since The Dark Knight was released to the rest of the world and it truly hasn't been the same since due to the masterstrokes it has made from that moment on. Christopher Nolan's subsequent entry in the ever impressive Batman series that he had made is what all comic book films and sequels to films in general should strive for by making it bigger and better than the previous entry in all accounts.

Christian Bale's performance in this one is even more absolute than that of what he put forth in Begins as in this, he has to confront the difficulties and principles of what makes Batman, well, Batman as he takes on the criminal mastermind of the Joker who is portrayed by the ever missed Heath Ledger. Ledger's performance as the titular villain known as the Joker is nothing short of iconic and I, for one, cannot fathom to comprehend how he essentially did it. His gradual transition of the Joker on the live-action front is undoubtedly the best Joker performance of all time and basically blows every other Joker act out of the water. I'm sorry Romero, Nicholson, and Phoenix, but Ledger owns the role of the Joker in all medias except the animated one.

Simply put, The Dark Knight is one of the most quintessential superhero films out there and straightforwardly my favorite film to be put out by DC. Don't know if that'll ever change, either.

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