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  • Soul



    As per usual, Pixar Studios and director Pete Docter don't disappoint in the slightest as Soul is pretty much another top-tier, original Pixar flick & undoubtedly a masterful animated feature all around.

    It's not a downright masterpiece by any means on the likes of Toy Story, The Incredibles, etc. (though it's certainly close), however, I can surely say Soul is absolutely compelling in many regards, and the film's delightful storyline hits just about all the right notes without question.

    The animation…

  • Onward



    While Onward is undoubtedly on the lower side of films to come out from Pixar Studios, I was still pleasantly surprised in how well executed this whole film is in many fundamental aspects that Pixar put to considerable use once more in their first original motion picture in three years.

    The specific story itself involves two elf brothers from this more magical-like turned modern world, voiced by none other than Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, as they both set out…

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  • Barton Fink

    Barton Fink


    The Coen brothers' most unconventional film to date, for better or for worse.

    Unfortunately it's a bit too vague/slow-moving in more than a few places for my taste, but I still did serviceably dig Barton Fink to a slight extent by the end of it all.

    The Coens' signature eccentric humor as well as John Turturro and John Goodman's rather fine performances in this make up for some of the downsides here, too.

  • Panic Room

    Panic Room


    A bit modest for a film made by David Fincher after coming off the likes of making Se7en and Fight Club, but either way, that definitely is why this one precisely works for the most part.

    The confined setting, usually genuine tension, and mostly solid performances keep Panic Room up more often than it perhaps should have.

    Not too bad in the end as it certainly uses its simplicity and familiarity to a generally above-average extent throughout.

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  • The Lion King

    The Lion King


    A flawless animated masterpiece through and through. No other way around it, that's for sure.

    Easily the highest point when it comes to not just the Disney Renaissance Era, but for all of Disney's animated films they've put out over the spanning decades in general.

    Stellar animation, unforgettable musical numbers, memorable lead/side characters, and an ideal balance of comedy and drama that kids and adults alike will heavily appreciate.

    In all, The Lion King is a truly one-of-a-kind and absolute gem that I'll definitely hold on to until the very end. Grew up with this one, and it certainly still holds up now more than ever.

  • Tenet



    This had a mixed reception back when it was released last year? Can't believe that in all honesty, as Tenet is definitely yet another extremely solid & finely ambitious effort from Christopher Nolan.

    It's no doubt confounding at first with many perplexing matters happening on-screen, but the film does eventually get into the groove of things after just a bit, and naturally becomes quite a thrilling ride from then forth, with exceptional practical action set-piece moments and truly mind-boggling visuals you…