Favorite films

  • Cléo from 5 to 7
  • System Crasher
  • Lucky
  • Mad Max: Fury Road

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  • The Matrix Reloaded

  • Promising Young Woman

  • The Green Knight

  • Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery

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  • Nobody



    Man boring,
    But actually, man beat up people very good.
    So man cool.

    John Wick with no dog.

  • mother!


    Reminded me of "I'm thinking of ending things" in that the first thing I did after watching it was to watch a YouTube video explain it.
    And yet again that was a very unsatisfying experience because now I feel dumb. That may just be me.
    Now I honestly thought the first hour and a have was great. Full stop. Actually horrifying without being shocking or grotesque.
    But it didn't stay that way.

    The entire time it feels like it's not…

Popular reviews

  • Eraserhead


    Yes, so, ahem, it is not easy to describe what it is like to watch this movie, but here we go:

    You are going to the museum and you walk into the room
    (with your pencil in your hand) and all of the paintings are either blank, or very abstract; white on white, black on black.
    But you are cultured (your very well-read, it's well-known) and you have heard of the artist before so you give it a shot.


  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Awkwafina and the music. A hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, and a, in a differed way, hauntingly beautiful performance. And once, both together.
    The last 10 seconds however are stuck in my memory uncomfortably.
    Why didn't you kill her?* or better, leave it ambiguous. Even if it is based on a true story (Or lie, if you wish) it seems inconsistent with general feeling of the movie.
    It hit me pretty hard at times, honestly I wanted it to hit me a…