Fursonas ★★★½

An interesting watch. I'm relatively new to the fandom so I learned about stuff like Uncle Kage, a guy who's such an asshole I said "Oh Jesus" out loud. This movie is basically 2 sections.
Section 1: Furries talking about themselves and their lives
Section 2: The problems with the media and Uncle Kage
I preferred Section 1 a bit more because I liked getting to know these people but I thought Section 2 was still interesting. I do agree that there's too much focus on the sexual aspects and like I said Uncle Kage revealed himself to be a huge asshole. Found it interesting the guy who made dildos surprisingly made some of the best points. There was definitely a big focus on Boomer The Dog, and I thought he was definitely interesting. He may be odd but he's doing this for himself so I like him.
Overall this was an interesting watch and I liked it.

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