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Diary of every movie I’ve seen since January 2020

♥ - Enjoyed watching, regardless of how bad/good it is to me

Favorite films

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Ratatouille
  • Being John Malkovich
  • There Will Be Blood

Recent activity

  • Amadeus


  • Donnie Darko


  • Oldboy


  • Her


Recent reviews

  • Amadeus



    Movies like this are the reason I love movies

  • Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko


    I don’t think the script allows this movie to reach its full potential- and it takes itself way too seriously at points- but I think it’s still decent. When I saw it for the first time I thought it was really cool, but I think that was only because I judged it as a concept rather than an actual film. I don’t really care about this story at all or these characters so it just kind of slips through my mind.…

Popular reviews

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    Was bored sometimes but the themes of this film you pick up on in hindsight really resonated with me. I think it’s one of those films you feel weird about whilst watching but love thinking about. I really wanna see it again.

    I think I’d be invested easier in a rewatch knowing what it’s going for. I’d probably be able to appreciate the slow pace and enjoy this even more.

  • The Father

    The Father


    Gonna have to let this sit for a bit but definitely very theatrical in ways. Really enjoyed how they presented the memory degradation of Anthony and how they used locations to the advantage of the film. Seriously was able to capture what it feels like to be in this situation for all parties using one perspective, which takes serious skill to do. The film only gives us a subjective reality which allows for so many different opportunities it uses to a perfect amount. A genuine portrayal of something so heart wrenching that happens to every day people.