The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★½

I simply love this movie. Wes Anderson’s beautifully filmed saga about a legendary concierge and his lobby boy is a modern classic. Wes Anderson can definitely be an acquired taste. His stuff is so unique and zany but it’s impossible to resist the inherent charms of the story and characters. There’s also a lot to appreciate in its stunning production design. This is quite simply a visual masterpiece.

As usual, Anderson packs this story with extremely eccentric characters and gets incredible performances from his cast who are completely on his wavelength. Everybody is great here. Of course Fiennes is the star of the show but I really loved the supporting performances just as much. Adrien Brody had me in tears and Saoirse Ronan is always a pleasure to see on the screen. I actually wished she was utilized even more. This is an extremely fun film and everybody is game and plays off each other’s craziness with even more craziness. It’s a blast to watch.

Wes Anderson hits a career peak with The Grand Budapest Hotel. It represents him at total ease with his vision and aesthetic preferences and showcases him at a near total command of his craft.

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