• Knives Out

    Knives Out



    Third time watching this, and I still love it. I’m not sure that a third watch reveals anything new or interesting. I had less fun watching this again, which makes sense, bc I appreciated all of the set ups and payoffs and understood the whole mystery from the first two watches. Once you have everything figured out, the movie loses a lot of its intrigue. So it’s probably going a little bit down on my…

  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


    “Welcome to the circus.”

    That third act was insane. I would say that the movie surpassed my expectations, because I knew it was going to be a huge CGI extravaganza, so I thought I was going to hate it because Marvel is sometimes bad at finding what to do with all of this money they had in the budget. But surprisingly, I had a lot of fun with the action scenes throughout the movie and at the end. Those rings…

  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad


    “Yes, that is your hand, Nanaue. Very good.”

    It feels cool to have James Gunn just be let loose and do whatever he wants because the product feels so authentic to his style and personality. I’m beginning to understand that almost everything really bad from DC (except WW84, that was Jenkins’ true vision) is from studio interference. I think this and the Snyder Cut earlier this year proves that the best way to handle these DC movies is to…

  • Free Guy

    Free Guy


    “What the shit?”

    Free Guy has the tone and humor of The Lego Movie, the visuals of Ready Player One, and kind of the premises from The Truman Show and Wreck-It Ralph mixed together. And it mostly works!

    As expected, the movie delivers on fun blockbuster visuals and action. I think what they did with the romance plot line was actually clever and something I didn’t expect. Besides that, though, the story is kind of generic and gets reaaallly formulaic at times.


  • The Devil Wears Prada

    The Devil Wears Prada


    You chose to get ahead. You want this life. Those choices are necessary.”


  • The Prestige

    The Prestige


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "He killed the bird!"
    "Look, see, he's all right. He's fine. Look at him!"
    "But where's his brother?"

    Chris Nolan. The absolute mad lad. He told us the ending twist in the first act of the movie.

    With The Prestige, Nolan proves that he is a master at manipulating the story. He has it down to a science. Everything is so wonderfully planned out and executed. Every one of his movies has an inherent quality to them that makes you…

  • Pan's Labyrinth

    Pan's Labyrinth


    "To obey, just like that, for obedience's sake... without questioning... That's something only people like you do."

    The first half of the movie was less exciting than the second. It was also a little disorienting since we're being thrown into this half fantasy, half real-life war movie. But it really grabbed my attention as I became more attached to the characters and more interested in the plot as the movie progressed. For example, I rooted for Ofelia more (and the…

  • Meet the Parents

    Meet the Parents


    I didn't hate this movie and I would still say that I liked it but there are many moments where the plot is mind-numbingly predictable. The jokes mostly work but I found myself being bored for most of the movie. Basically, the only thing the movie has going for it is the funny relationship between Ben Stiller and DeNiro.

    There's a certain point where the once (slightly) interesting premise gets really stale because they do the same thing over and over and over again.


  • Loki



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    “What exactly makes a Loki a Loki?”

    (Here are my reviews for individual episodes.)

    Episode Ranking:

    Episode 4
    Episode 6
    Episode 2
    Episode 5
    Episode 1
    Episode 3

    This show stands out from all of the other Marvel projects. There’s something really different. It’s different from the other two shows so far because this actually feels like the most cohesive story—which is unexpected, since this show goes all over the place across times, settings, and characters. But every episode felt really…

  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside


    “He seems a little happier now. That’s nice… I don’t know. I’ll cry, I guess, again.”

    The quote above simultaneously made me laugh and die inside.

    This special is oozing with creativity. Burnham found a way to honestly handle lots of serious and dark subjects and make them also hilarious. There are multiple moments in the show that just made me laugh because they were such a creative way of conveying the things he wants to convey. (Like the Reaction…

  • Black Widow

    Black Widow


    “You both have killed so many people. Your ledgers must be dripping, just gushing red. I couldn't be more proud of you.”

    All I wanted from this movie is a straight, simple, fun spy movie. And for most of the movie, I got that. Sure, the Mission Impossible-esque reveals and infiltration missions weren’t as good, but I appreciated the tone. But the ending climax really turned into the exact thing that I didn’t want it to be (i.e. a CGI-overflowing…

  • Paint Drying

    Paint Drying

    Thanks for a 100 followers!

    I know it’s not a lot, but I’m happy that even a few people are interested in what I have to say. I’m so glad I discovered this app.

    I didn’t even intend at first to use this as a social media. I just thought it was a good way to log my movies. But I’ve met some rly cool people here!