WandaVision ★★★★

“What is grief, if not love preserving?”

(Here are my reviews of each episode)

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WandaVision is strange. And sometimes that’s a good thing, other times that’s a bad thing. The initial episodes are very effective at building suspense and mystery.

So the first episodes were fresh, exciting, and interesting, until you realize that we’re still in the boring real world. I think that’s the reason why some of the later episodes feel underwhelming, since it starts shifting away from the cool high concept idea.

They recreate the sitcoms incredibly well. It’s actually very impressive. And the theme songs are so catchy! I’m glad that the sitcom thing didn’t turn out to be just a gimmick, and that they tied it back to Wanda’s character.

Elizabeth Olsen is hands down the best thing about the show. She brings emotion to this weird world that makes the character of Wanda so much more interesting.

I think the one episode a week format actually was bad for this show, since there was so much speculation on each episode that some of the twists seemed predictable.

I also had a problem with the antagonist(s) which were pretty boring and had very weak motivations. The last three episodes I felt mostly threw a huge (but important) amount of exposition at us that seemed rushed when compared to the slow start of the first episodes. I think this show might have been better if there were a few more episodes to let some plot lines to be tied up in a more satisfying fashion. But whatever, I enjoyed it.


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