Tenet ★★★★½

"Tenet" may find writer/director/time fuckery enthusiast Christopher Nolan at his most thematically spare, but that doesn't mean the journey itself isn't a blast from start to finish. Far and away Nolan's most complicated film to date, "Tenet's" plot initially unfurls in a manner you'd expect from a typical Nolan film. Don't even think about sleeping on the second half, though, for when the reversals, twists and complications start coming into play, you'll find your own consciousness moving forwards, backwards, longways and sideways through time in order to catch up with all the ways the rules can change in this thing. Big, bold and begging for repeat viewings, "Tenet" ultimately doesn't rank that high on my all-time list of favorites from the filmmaker in question, but when one is dealing with oeuvre of someone like Christopher Nolan, I guess a statement like that doesn't hold nearly as much weight as it usually does. Indeed, "Tenet" is still great in most of the ways that count.

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