John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum ★★

I’ve been really happy with the franchise so far. Both the first and second movies are great in their own way. Offering good action backed by a justifying story.

John Wick 3 succumbs to the to all the worst aspects of the prior movies but lacks what made them so great. Instead of expanding the world and its characters, it ends up becoming convoluted. Trying to work around and ultimately contradict its own rules. It becomes so convoluted and to the point where it appears that nothing established really matters because a surprise new savior will appear out of nowhere and change the playing field. It felt sloppy and carelessly handled, which isn’t something I take pleasure in saying. 

Story wise, there is not much here. It fumbles around with a couple different plots, but essentially those ideas are merely the backdrop for action sequences. There isn’t any genuine thematic relevance for them to exist. Nothing for the audience to invest in. It’s a long and drawn out series of sword and gun fights that by the end become tedious to sit through. I mentioned in my review for the second movie that it managed to avoid feeing like a one trick pony by pacing out its action and backing it with substance. As I said, there’s no substance here. And unfortunately it’s not paced out very well either. John Wick can only run through a building taking people out with head shots or a knife so many times before it becomes redundant. There’s nothing entertaining or special about the fights when it’s literally all that happens. Despite high energy levels, it becomes boring. Desensitizing the audience to te very thing that arguably drew them there in the first place. 
It also didn’t help that this movie was overly graphic. Where the prior two had restraint and elegance to their violence, this one overindulged everything.

Overall, I wanted to loved John Wick 3, but there’s just nothing here for me to grab onto.

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