Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★

As is the demand for a slasher sequel, the body count is higher, the kills are bloodier and (in David Gordon Green’s case) the performances are campier. Leaning more into the senseless and unstoppable nature of Michael is the way to go. Yet I still feel a gaping distance from this rebooted franchise. It’s a mix of the overplayed predictability of the Shape, not wanting to cheer for him because he’s a vacant murderer and having no faith that any towns person will survive. It’s an unrelenting bloodbath with hopeless victims. There’s the element of mass panic that fascinates me. Watching a community descend into mania and break into a brawl at a hospital has more substance than Michael impaling an old woman a lightbulb. The Strodes have little to do here and Curtis is hamming it up as a wounded Laurie is forced to monologue since she can’t join the justice mob. Nothing will stop me from seeing the follow up to Kills because I’m a slave to the genre but I’d also be happy if Michael just died.

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