Annabelle: Creation

Annabelle: Creation ★★★

HOT TAKE: I prefer The Boy over Annabelle: Creation. Not that either are incredibly ground breaking but halfway through Annabelle I leaned over to my boyfriend and whispered "this movie has no plot." The spin off prequel is a sequence of "and thens" as a group of girls are dropped off at a creepy house in the middle of nowhere and are constantly terrorized. At least the The Boy had some drive to it and playfulness with its story until it went off the rails. I will concede Annabelle's third act is very effective. It's a proper finale which most horror films skimp on, trying to cram in all their scares in a 10 minute pay off. There's a multitude of great horror set pieces that in itself could stand alone which you'd expect from a director who came from a horror shorts background.

Where Annabelle tops Boy is with the titular doll. Annabelle is so goddamn creepy and the sass this film give her is an added bonus. Her scenes of unexpected movements are frightening in a movie made up completely of jump scares. As far as studio horror goes, this movie delivers on being scary even if it feels cheap. It's a silly theater experience but not something I'd be interested in rewatching at home.

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