Tenet ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

TENET is an interesting film. The first 1.5 hours suck. Terrible writing, terrible pacing, and characters who do nothing with no explanation of who they are, why they are, and where they come from. 

The film opens with John David Washington’s character (brilliantly named ‘The Protagonist’) and his team (CIA? I think?) committing war crimes. Then he’s captured. Then he tries to commit suicide. Then the story begins. There’s no connection between these events, no purpose or drive. They just happen. Because in the end the first 1.5 hours are designed to prop up the last hour, which absolutely FUCKS. It’s trippy, it’s mind bending, it’s pure spectacle. Basically, the last hour is Nolan at his best and the first 1.5 hours are Nolan at his worst. 

It’s an entertaining popcorn flick sometimes but nothing more. Other times it’s absolute garbage. 

Really disappointed in Nolan for casting 3 beautiful and talented actors and then giving their characters absolutely no depth. 

But that’s Nolan I guess.

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