The Keep

The Keep ★★

One of the clearest examples of a studio taking a director's vision and turning it into an incomprehensible mess. Michael Mann's original cut was over three hours. The existing cut is nearly half that. He has disavowed the movie and I will have to follow his lead and do the same because it is more or less unwatchable. Mann is so against the available cut that he has single-handedly prevented the film from ever seeing a DVD release. The Netflix version even eliminates the widescreen format it was filmed in, further cementing the experience as a rotten one. What remains are flourishes of a compelling story; the reveal of the golem demon is surreal and haunting, the music by Tangerine Dream is hitting all the right notes, and the cast is an elite lineup of talent to have worked under Mann's direction. It's worth watching as an autopsy, picking apart the remnants of a fatal botchery of editing. The poster is amazing, though. Keep The Keep poster as a memento.

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