The Honeymoon Killers

The Honeymoon Killers ★★★★

If Cassavetes directed a film about a scheming, murderous couple, you might get something like The Honeymoon Killers. It has a similar restricted ferocity seen in Faces where almost the entire run time takes place in confined rooms with hostile words. The lead actress Shirley Stoler even looks exactly like Gena Rowlands put on a Jake La Motta-amount of weight. It is a very raw film about disillusioned people living on the fringes and is not afraid to unveil a genuine ugly side to people, again mirroring Cassavetes. The movie is less concerned with the plotting of murder and robbery and more focused on the psychological tolls that add up with each killing- not the burden of taking life but the jealousies and pettiness that morph between the twosome. There is however a scene involving a hammer that even by today's standards made me flinch a bit.

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