Look Closer: The Rise and Fall of Robert Benfer

Look Closer: The Rise and Fall of Robert Benfer ★★½

This is pretty amateurishly made and there wasn't as much to talk about here as other similar YouTube documentaries which do make me think the director jumped on this. This is okay though, but you will be bored to death and not understand any of the hidden meaning of it outside of the surface level stuff if you didn't watch most of Robert Benfer's Klay World videos beforehand. There's also a great chance the director didn't intend the documentary to be deeper than it turned out to be with how he talks about it to others. However, it did, and I think a few people missed it and other similar documentaries.

He isn't completely trashing on Robert Benfer or calling him a monster and it isn't just about the box set. It's a super accurate story out of many of what happens with a lot of your favourite YouTube content creators after a while and looking closer at the start of his downfall from when he started to get heat with the scam to then those people looking back on his videos noticing the type of person he was and how he viewed his fans with even secretly mocking them in most of his Klay World videos. Whether you hate him or not, he did fall from greatness for multiple reasons that this documentary discusses. Just like his 2 films, this has deeper meanings to it than it looks on the surface people who weren't fans will miss.

I could keep going on and on, but once again, all I'll say is that it's mostly a story of how a lot of people's childhood heroes or favourite content creators end up. Everyone in the world has at least one. It's usually a washed-up artist who fell off and ended up being the opposite of how they thought of them as a kid or teen for a lot of older people and lots of younger people still, but for a lot of younger people this generation, it has been content creators like Robert Benfer. Anyone who did use platforms like Newgrounds and YouTube has at least one that ended up like this. Robert Benfer's story is insanely accurate to how most of them go. Worth a watch if you were a fan of him.

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