Old ★★★★★

I turned 37 on Sunday and haven't had a date day with my wife since Niamh was born in January so the grandparents kindly offered to look after her and we went to the cinema for the first time since March 2020! Before March 2020, it would be unusual if I went a week without going to the cinema but close to a year and a half without my favourite hobby is unheard of. Approaching the car park I got goosebumps, seeing that big cinema complex ready to invite me in and try and sell me over expensive snacks and drinks was the best sight. As I walked in and saw all the posters for forthcoming movies and saw excited people, it just made me feel incredibly grateful I was back in the place that holds so many awesome celluloid memories. It wasn't long until (armed with said expensive snacks and drinks) I was sat waiting for my favourite part, the trailers. I got to see snippets of CANDYMAN and DON'T BREATHE 2 and I was already busy planning my next trip in my head. When the film was due to start and the screen widened, I listened out and I could hear the perfect sound of silence, all my fellow cinema goers hadn't come to mess about, they were just as keen to see something on the big screen too.

To be fair the film would have had to have been absolutely dreadful to have got anywhere near ruining this amazing experience I had cherished for so long but I absolutely lapped up every minute of the exciting, thrilling and never boring OLD. It zoomed through its runtime offering gorgeous scenery, interesting shots, a fantastic cast, a brilliant story and a delicious score. M. Night Shyamalan is certainly bringing the hits recently and this is possibly my favourite of his yet. I felt in a way like I was watching the awesome sinister eighties show TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED.

Certainly a treat to see as big and loud as possible and one to just completely get lost in, it offers reward and satisfaction while ensuring captivation from start to finish, at least for this viewer anyway.

Cinema I have missed you so much <3