Waves ★★

Shults’ approach to the miserable material here feels forced at best and downright ludicrous at worst. he clearly had an idea for a film and for characters and for scenarios but it feels like he didn’t know how to write any of it cause the confusing two act structure and the characters that feel less than human.. it’s just painful to watch sometimes. he’s damn good at building tension and that’s probably this films greatest strength but, it does nothing when the needle drops are the corniest fuckin needle drops i’ve ever heard in my life and it undermines what even could’ve been some decent moments. if he took more time to establish our two main characters beyond “one is angry” and “one is good” then maybe this wouldn’t feel like the long, shallow sadboi youtube comment it is. y’all are gonna eat this up and that’s fine! maybe i’m missing something. i hope i find what y’all see in this one day.

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