A Good American

A Good American ★★★½

The background story about the NSA and how arrogant and fucked up it is managed from the 90s till today - and about Whistleblowers, who spoke out about that even before Snowden.

The main protagonists are Bill Binney, former analyst at the NSA, and three other people who used to work for the NSA. Basically the documentary tells the story of how he got into the NSA and into a position, where he could have made quite a difference in questions of counter terror surveillance in form of a program called ThinThread - only to be rejected at first and having to witniss the abuse of the program by his former superiors later.

The doc in itself is pretty gripping and informative, gets you thinking and angry at the same time. It has weaknesses in the narrative, meaning that the viewer sometimes does not really know who is talking about what time span right now.

Still, totally worth a look! Also for sceptical patriots, because there is nothing patriotic in the NSA wasting government money and intimidate others in order to make the people running it rich.