Tenet ★★½

Able I Was Ere I Saw Tenet

The best line by far in this is when Pattison says "if he does that. It will end all life on Earth and everything that's ever existed instantly. Is that clear enough?" and Elizabeth Debecki's character says "even my son?"

There was a bunch of cool fun Mission Impossible style shit in this. The opera siege at the beginning, the cargo plane, stealing the plutonium, and even some cool concepts like the "turnstiles" locked in secret vaults, but it ended up feeling like 60 minutes of a fun entertaining movie with 90 minutes of a pretty boring and tiresome one.

The most common knock on this is that it's "incomprehensible" but mostly only in a visual sense. Nolan can't film a fight scene or a shootout to save his life, so in this movie he creates a plot device for why it's so confusing to look at. Sure it gets more baffling and hard to follow the longer it goes on, but more than not understanding the plot I just didn't care. The bigger flaw is that the two leads are dull as hell. The biggest flaw by far is Kenneth Branagh, whose Russian guy villain is the most embarrassing and laughable heavy I've seen in a while.

Final Verdict: Time Cop did it better.