Tenet ★★½

Tenet is a well made, but overall disappointing, bland, and confusing movie. I do perfectly understand why people like this movie though, it does have great cinematography, effects, action, and acting. However, while it does have good filmmaking, the story just felt so dull and utterly confusing because of the fact that there was so much exposition that its insane and its also very hard to hear the dialogue since the sound mixing is really bad with way too loud music. The movie also felt way too long, bland characters that had barely any development, and really weird editing that cuts scenes too early and makes it feel like there was more stuff that we didn’t get to see. Overall, Tenet was a big disappointment, while it does have a lot of style it sadly doesn’t have the substance that it desperately needs. I would recommend seeing this movie in a theatre that plays movies with subtitles so you can understand the story more and hopefully you’ll enjoy more. Aside from that though, I don’t really recommend watching this movie in a theatre unless you really really want to then go ahead, but do really lower your expectations.

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