Steve-O: Gnarly

Steve-O: Gnarly ★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

"You went from eating crack off of dead hookers to raw broccoli? What the fuck?"

I just paid 10 bucks to see a guy wrap his scrotum over his dick and staple it to his belly. Money well spent.

Seriously though, Steve-O has been going through so much change over these last 20 years and turned into this really respectful person full of fascinating stories. I'm glad we finally got another Special from him with more of his insane anecdotes.
It's structured well too, having a lot of footage to cut to while telling the stories and some of them really are some of the gnarliest stuff I've seen Steve-O do. His road to sobriety isn't as much of a theme this time around as it was in the 2016 Guilty as Charged show and instead, he tells us how much dumb shit he has been doing since going sober as well as some more stories about the Jackass days. Occasionally he has some friends come on stage for little stunts.
The weirdest fucking thing to me was probably when he decides to let Chris Pontius jack off into a condom so Steve-O can swallow it in front of his dad. Epic prank, my dude. But then he shits it out and swallows it again. I was speechless. And there is more in here than that.

If you like the guy or are interested in his stories than this is worth your time. Steve-O is as charismatic as ever and his fucked up life never stops being fascinating. His standing up for good stuff like animal rights these days also makes it all the more worth it to financially support this.