Barbie as The Princess & the Pauper

This is a bad movie and it’s barely better than the others. The music isn’t very good, the singers are bad, and the animation is still very bad but in different ways this time. 

I understand there is a lot of nostalgia for this movie and I genuinely don’t hold that against anyone. The person I was watching this with can quote at least half the movie and knows all the songs. That’s fine. But it’s still a complete slog to sit through without the nostalgia that could color ones view. Plot points are so over explained and so intentionally obvious that you start becoming desensitized to how bland everything is and hyper fixate on anything that isn’t exactly what you expect it to be. 

The movie is silly and dumb but not in a way that I found enjoyable. It lacks any heart that would have me wanting to find the good about it and it just ends up feeling like a product, not a piece of art work (I recognize the irony from someone who enjoys comic book movies). 

Anyways, it’s not good and I didn’t like it.