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  • The Poison Rose

    The Poison Rose

    If you want a movie from 2019 that feels like it's from 1997 while also pretending to know what the 1970s like, this is the movie for you.

    Other notable reasons for viewing:

    -Super goofy open credit sequence
    -Brendan Fraser's accent
    -Peter Stormare, the most Swedish man alive, trying to do a Texan accent
    -An abundance of saxophone music
    -About 10 billion cross-fades
    -Morgan Freeman's character has a distractingly large portrait of himself in his dining room.

  • Tenet


    This entire movie is like when someone is talking to you but you can't quite hear them so you ask them to repeat themselves and you still can't really make it out and you ask them to say it a third time but nah, it's just not entering your ears so you just nod blankly and hope it wasn't anything too important.
    I'm going to tell you right now, they were not saying anything important and you're going to forget…