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  • I Know This Much Is True

    I Know This Much Is True


    I am and always will be a defender of film as an art form compared to TV-series (if you want to compare them at all). Yet I believe I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE is an absolute masterpiece of the episodic form that uses the benefits of its length and structure in big advantage to a normal cinematic literature adaption. The mini-series is less plot or climax driven but instead fully dedicated to explore the inner conflict of the twin…

  • A City of Sadness

    A City of Sadness


    During the few months that I worked in Taiwan I had the opportunity to travel twice to the beautiful small rural mountain town of Jiufen and to climb the mountains around it. It’s one of my favourite places I have ever been to. Knowing Hou-Hsiao-hsiens movies I expected him to set A CITY OF SADNESS mostly inside the buildings, but this time he truly lets you feel this magic place with amazing shots of the small narrow streets and breathing…

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  • Fabian: Going to the Dogs

    Fabian: Going to the Dogs


    "Das Kino muss schon deshalb unbedingt erhalten bleiben, weil es den Menschen eine viel tiefere sinnliche Erfahrung bieten kann. Vor ein paar Jahren wurde beim Pariser U-Bahn-Bau ein unterirdisches Kino entdeckt, ein geheimer Vorführungsraum. Das ist das Kino für mich. Subversiv – egal ob Kommerzfilm oder Kunst. Eine Welt ohne Geländer, du taumelst im Schwarzen und kannst jederzeit abstürzen und dein Leben kann sich ändern. Im Kino. Nirgendwo sonst."

    Dominik Graf im Tagesspiegel

    Ein unglaublicher Film!

  • This Rain Will Never Stop

    This Rain Will Never Stop


    A poignant reflection on the nature and consequences of modern war. Visually outstanding, this has hypnotic qualities. What a haunting documentary.

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  • Undine



    Watching this at the reopening of the Berlin cinemas including a Q&A with Christian Petzold and Paula Beer felt like swimming to the surface after being 4 months underwater.

  • Possessor




    Talking to other attendees before the festival revealed that POSSESSOR without a doubt was the most anticipated film. Online the hype got real as well just the week before. And indeed watching POSSESSOR Friday night felt like seeing on of these crazy horror gems that everyone won’t stop talking about for the rest of the year. Sometimes the Fantasy Film Fest is fortunate enough to have a breakout hit like this in their line-up.…