School on Fire

School on Fire ★★★½

School on Fire. The title evokes Carrie. Heathers. I went into this week's Collab Film Club blindly and hoped Carrie or Heathers meets Police Story would be the film's vibe.

Ringo Lam's 1988 feature is nothing of the sort. It is dark, gritty, and very much a member of the Hong Kong crime genre. I am curious to see if other Collab Film members saw any of Gary Sherman's Vice Squad in it? The disco scenes remind me a lot of our pick from a few weeks ago. As does its gruesome tone, although Roy Cheung does not play the same level of S tier asshole as Wings Hauser.

School on Fire is not extraordinary, but it makes me curious to learn more about its genre and the culture it represents. An affect good movies should have. It reminds me a lot of Police Story, but that may be because I saw Police Story recently and it is also Hong Kong crime. In fact, that is definitely reason.

Why were those random bagpipe sequences so unexpectedly awesome?

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