Moxie ★★★

thinking about how much better this movie would be with a different main character-

since the riot grrrl movement is pretty infamous for its lack of intersectionality/transphobia/ racism, i think it could have been interesting to see the movie’s lead being one of the woc cast members or trans girl. following their experience with misogyny, which differs greatly than the more privileged way in which white women experience misogyny.

unfortunately, despite some attempt to address racism/lgbt+ identities i couldn’t help but feel that the movie was more-so appealing to white feminism than intersectionality.

also what was with the 1 second of screen time that lucy got kissing another female character and then the film never acknowledges it again? netflix robbed us of yet another wlw arc!! 

other than this it was an enjoyable movie! i hope this film does spark more conversations about the importance intersectionality in feminism and riot grrrl subcultures.

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