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  • The Host

    The Host


    I was lucky enough to see THE HOST in a cinema, sadly with not so many other people. It's a slick monster movie dosed with Bong Joon-Ho's trademark black humour and social commentary, rivalling Hollywood films for production values - but a Hollywood producer would probably have shot the writer the moment they heard "scene of a family grieving for a 13 year old girl, played for comedic effect".

    THE HOST is successful precisely because it throws curveballs, mixing up…

  • Red Post on Escher Street

    Red Post on Escher Street


    RED POST ON ESCHER STREET is experimental but not pretentious, it is a film which has something to say about films, and is itself an embodiment of that message. It's definitely a Sion Sono film.

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  • Black Butterfly

    Black Butterfly


    A nice looking example of late 1960's wuxia - the restaurant on a lake where much of the film is set is a visually striking location, and the sets and costumes are of the usual Shaw Brothers standard. The story is rather mediocre though, the plot unrolls with little real drama or tension. Even when Black Butterfly's secret identity is revealed everybody basically goes "Oh, it's you. LOL." and moves on.

    Lo Wei's direction is typically pedestrian, taking elements from…

  • To Kill with Intrigue

    To Kill with Intrigue


    Loads better than I remembered it being - very enjoyable. Jackie's character is a total prick, but Hsu Feng sets him straight.

    I'd remembered this being a sort of low budget Chor Yuen knock off, but it's actually pretty lush, if not quite as opulent as Chor Yuen's Shaw Brothers sets.

    The plot is fairly typical Gu Long territory, not the sort of film or role we've come to expect to find Jackie in. It's firmly in the wuxia realm,…