Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★½

I don’t have anything to contribute to the conversation about how this is a very well made, epic classic and a great part of cinematic history so instead I’ll give y’all a deeply personal anecdote if you want to read it: 

I accredit a really big part of why I love film so much to my dad. He introduced me to the Rocky movies, the Star Wars franchise, and The Matrix arguably at too young of an age but it was worth it because he made watching movies fun. He’d answer any and all questions me or my sisters might have along the way and he never complained when we obsessively watched something on repeat the way kids do. We’d balance his action packed choices with us 3 girls choosing Disney movies and light hearted romcoms - which he didn’t even have to pretend to love because he just genuinely loved them. He’d watch literally anything and everything with us. He’d learn the songs to the movies with us and we’d sing them constantly while cleaning the house and blast them in the car on the way to soccer practice and on road trips. He always liked to hear about the movies I saw in theaters with my friends as a middle schooler.

All that to say, the Indiana Jones franchise was going to be the next one my dad wanted to show me but by the time it came up, life was complicated and weird and I never got the chance to watch these with him by my side. So I’ve been avoiding these for a really long time even though I know they’re good because thinking of them makes me so sad. It felt wrong watching these when I couldn’t call him to tell him I was finally watching them or that I couldn’t ask him questions as I went along. I miss him a lot.

But I’ve finally decided it’s time to watch them all. I’m having a proper marathon of the entire franchise over the next day or so. And I’m really excited to finally sit with the rest of the franchise because it meant so much to my dad and it now means a lot to me, even before I see it all. So, here’s to you, dad. Love you.

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