28 Days Later

28 Days Later ★★★★★


If there’s a subgenre of horror that I regularly have a reluctance to view, it’s zombie films. I find them tedious and pretty repetitive. When I do eventually watch one, I end up enjoying them for the most part, so my hesitancy is often times unfair but it’s there all the same. As such, I was wary about watching 28 Days Later. Instead of my regular pleasantly lukewarm feeling I typically expect from a zombie film, I found myself absolutely blown away by 28 Days Later!! 

I felt genuine unease as Jim encountered his first infected and then every time after when they appeared. I cried at the note from Jim’s parents and a handful of other times too. I was overjoyed by the entire existence of Hannah and Selena. I felt relief at the smallest flicker of hope for the characters. I felt so much. A huge part of the emotional weight can owe its thanks to the simplicity of the camerawork. Shooting with handhelds gives the entire presence of the film a gritty, authentic feeling that can often be lost in the hyper-pristine quality of other zombie films. 

There’s plenty of logic flaws here but, like, of course there are. It’s a zombie film from the early 2000s. It’s also starring one of my favorite actors to see on the screen, Cillian Murphy. I somehow never know ahead of time what films he’s starring in so when he pops up on screen, I’m overwhelmed with excitement. No exception here! 

Thrilled that I made myself finally watch 28 Days Later. Even more thrilled by just how much I enjoyed it.

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