Cruella ★★★½

i liked this slightly less than i hoped. i knew it was not going to be great but it's always sad when a movie leaves u disappointed in the end. both emma stone and emma thompson were amazing in their performances (as usual). the main thing that took me out of the movie was the relationships/dynamics of the characters which did not align with the original 101 dalmatians. i felt that in order for this to be a true cruella de vil origin story, we needed to hate her at the end. she was never as evil or malicious as i hoped, which it made it seem unrealistic to how she turns out.
but nevertheless, it was fun and i really enjoyed the sequence where they showed all of cruella's outfits vs the baronness'. i sorta see this as a type of movie like charlie and the chocolate factory where those who will grow up with it will find it perfect in their later teenage years.

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