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  • Clifford



    I don't like to admit it, but Martin Short disappeared into this role. Perhaps he never has gotten out of this character, but this contains some truly great moments. The climax is downright cinematic, which is not necessarily a given on something like this, and Charles Grodin delivers some of the best straight man lines ever written. Just when you think you know where the film is going, it u-turns, kicks you straight in the gut and tumbles away. Richard…

  • Dune



    A great first half of a movie. I worry of a world in which WB completely steps on their own dick and decides that Part One is enough. The cinematography, score, costumes, everything in this first half of a movie are fantastic. That said, the IMAX theater I saw it in was way too loud. This movie has intense images and sound, but I checked my watch's decibel reader during the credits and it was hitting 95 dB easily. I…

  • Halloween



    Gotta love how there’s only 5 deaths in the whole movie and you only see the body for one of them and not the actual kill. Somehow managed to not know the surprising ending to the opening POV shot, which was so brilliantly executed. That’s right, I somehow hadn’t seen a Halloween franchise movie (although I think I saw parts of H20?) and am worried how schlocky this franchise becomes, just based on sequel photocopy techniques of the 70s/80s etc.…

  • Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar

    Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar


    What great fun. Seems as much inspired by 1980s comedies starring midwestern and Canadian nice folks as it is cut from something completely new and weird and great. The irrepressible musical number from Jamie Dornan and the strange but welcome appearance by Richard Cheese highlight the company that Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo have brought on their wild ride. The plot is almost impossible to predict, because it's designed that way. Of course, everything makes perfect sense as you reach…

  • Luca



    Very cute, very light story about a sea monster wanting more and to feel like he belongs. The scope feels very contained, which is nice and rare from a Pixar film. I was extremely touched by the train and the things it represented, not just as a superior form of transportation, but as a sense of journey and movement that Luca is finally able to take, with the outstanding support of his new best friends and his family who now…

  • Escape from New York

    Escape from New York


    John Carpenter does it again. Love the five second shots of him walking down a street full of heavy ass TVs and metal awnings and whatnot that somebody had to set. Gotta say, the rules of the world are a little inconsistent, but that's what makes this film good. It doesn't try to conform and fill every box. If this movie were to go through modern network notes, we'd know everybody's backstory, the script would be 150 pages, and it…

  • Mustang



    A really precious film about five sisters enjoying their summer becomes a really devastating film about five sisters being forced to grow up under extreme circumstances. There isn't a moment that isn't engrossing, watching them play like girls are supposed to do by putting mattresses on the floor and pretending they're a swimming pool or playing chicken fights in the shallow water, or when things get harrowing and the youngest is suddenly taking charge, learning how to drive a car…

  • First Cow

    First Cow


    Artful and slow, like Kelly Reichert likes. A story like a poem, a short story's worth of plot but with artistic touches that suggest things deeper. I saw that the ending is viewed as open-ended, but it's important to realize that this director likes to make movies that are thoughtful- perhaps to a fault. Movies that are only wholly understood when considered carefully or watched a second time. On first viewing, many scenes are stressful, it's unclear whether Reichert is…

  • Cape Fear

    Cape Fear


    This movie is packed full of great shots and memorable moments. The acting is absolutely sublime. Juliette Lewis is a masterclass in acting, and Illeana Douglas is perfect in her role as the clerk who bit off more than she could chew. The editing is so tight and quick that when it takes its time setting up suspense you can feel the sweat transfer from the actors' faces onto your own. Obviously Robert de Niro plays a good psychopath, and…

  • Treasure Planet

    Treasure Planet


    Do a live action remake of this one you cowards. This movie rules.

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    Great performances, great script, great direction, really enjoyable film, even as it makes you feel disappointed in the American justice system, yet again. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is absolutely magnetic when he's on screen. Michael Keaton was a pleasant surprise. His performance, though brief, was one that really sticks with you, gives you a glimmer of hope that not everybody in the government has lost their minds, even though this is an obvious fabrication.

  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh


    I'm slowly watching through all of the films released by Disney Animation, and there are some movies I remember very little of, and some that I feel I know by heart. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh rests latent in my mind just below consciousness, like a floor that you've covered in rugs and carpets but you know the groan of the hardwood underneath. One day you pull up the coverings and your feet scuff briefly on the course…