Dune ★★★★½

A great first half of a movie. I worry of a world in which WB completely steps on their own dick and decides that Part One is enough. The cinematography, score, costumes, everything in this first half of a movie are fantastic. That said, the IMAX theater I saw it in was way too loud. This movie has intense images and sound, but I checked my watch's decibel reader during the credits and it was hitting 95 dB easily. I want to enjoy films for the rest of my life, and I accept the fact that one day I may need hearing aids, but y'all motherfuckers have to do a better job of tuning your speakers. I don't want to feel like I need to wear ear protection when I see a film. Anyway, Timothee Chalamat is perhaps a perfect Paul Atreides, because I really was distracted the first 3/4 of the movie just thinking who is this little boy they're saying is the messiah? Obviously, this is the biggest movie he's ever been in, and I don't imagine he's the type to pack on muscle to play a gun toting war freak or a superhero, so a pseudo-Jesus figure in a sci-fi world based on the Middle East will have to do. I wish more book to screen adaptations were done with the care and financing that this has had, you can tell in interviews right away when a director suggests their agent sent them the book with a sticky note that says "maybe?" instead of a project that they've been hoping to make for a long time. The other project I might compare this to in terms of care in the adaptation is Carol. If you're looking for a double-feature of adaptations where the director really got the author's vision and made the film with love and attention to detail, watch Carol and then Dune: Part One. Really miffed that we have to wait 2 years for Part Two because WB was feeling nervous, but not nervous enough to not green light it and market it for a long time as "Dune", switching to "Dune Part One" only in the last month before release and not even consistently.

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