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This review may contain spoilers.

Archaeologist Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) goes on perhaps his most perilous adventure, as he races the Nazis to find the Lost Ark of the Covenant. The quest for the Ark will see him reunite with old flames, dodge ancient booby traps and come face to face with his greatest fears - can he find the Ark before it falls into the hands of evil?

You know, when George Lucas conceived the idea of Indiana Jones, it was meant as an homage to old-school adventure serials from the 30s, a callback to a bygone era of pulpy action.

Nowadays, the very idea of old-school action-adventure is synonymous with Indiana Jones - a hero so iconic that he supplanted the very thing he was meant to evoke in the collective public consciousness.

It's impossible to overstate just how much of a classic Raiders of the Lost Ark is and how much of its DNA has been ingrained in popular culture since.

A rip-roaring adventure full of great action, memorable characters and lots of humor, impeccably directed by Steven Spielberg and masterfully scored by John Williams.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones is arguably the most perfect piece of casting in the history of cinema. Any other Harrison role could have been played by someone else or can be recast, but no one else could ever be Indiana Jones.

Spielberg has said that Raiders is one of the few films that allows him to step back from his experience directing and simply enjoy it on its own terms. He doesn't have to think about what he could have done better, because... well, yeah.

People like to poke fun at the story with the he whole 'if Indiana Jones stayed home and did nothing, everything would have played out the same' - but while that's technically true, it ignores Indy's main character arc in the film.

He has to learn. He has to discover that some things are best left undisturbed, some powers are beyond our understanding. His friends are constantly warning him of how dangerous the Ark is, and he keeps shrugging it off, saying he doesn't believe in superstitious hocus pocus. It's only when he comes face to face with the true power of the Ark, does he realize the truth - and he's wise enough to close his eyes and keep 'em shut.

Me, I'm just wondering how the hell Indy managed to get aboard the Nazi U-boat without anyone noticing - and where exactly did he hide on it?