Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ★★★

Sprinting at such high velocity & packing so much dynamic energy that it feels like being hit by an express train, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World travels from its source to destination in just one gear: top. A highly charged & vividly animated roller-coaster ride, it is as exhausting as it is entertaining, as frustrating as it is amusing, and as nonsensical as it is high on adrenaline.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World tells the story of its titular character, a 20-something slacker musician who is yet to recover from his previous breakup, is dating a high-school student & falls in love with the new girl in town. Soon after, he learns that in order to date his latest crush, he will have to fight & defeat her seven evil exes, each seemingly more powerful than the other.

Written & directed by Edgar Wright, the movie picks up speed almost as soon as it begins and then rides on this swiftly gained momentum for the remainder of its runtime. Wright unfolds the story as if skimming through a tale, and the only way to enjoy this ride is by allowing yourself to be swept by its tide. It's full of life, full of vigour & full of passion but it isn't a film for all.

Set pieces are utilised in a way as if breathing life into comic book pages, the swift manoeuvring of camera & exuberant use of colours only end up adding more vibrancy to its images. Music plays a key role in every segment and keeps things alive at all times. But there are also times when the movie ends up overdosing itself with too much oddity, plus not all its attempts at humour hit the right spot.

Coming to the performances, the film packs a colourful cast, many of whom would later go on to make a name for themselves in Hollywood. The eponymous character is played by Michael Cera but he's easily overshadowed by others, namely Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Brie Larson who perform way better as his future & ex girlfriend respectively. Best of all, however, is Kieran Culkin who plays Scott's roommate.

On an overall scale, Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is funny, fizzy & freakish in all ways imaginable, and is guaranteed to garner a devoted fan following but its uncontrolled zest & sharp tonality may turn out to be either too much or too less for those who are looking for something bit more meaningful here. While I wasn't blown away by its quirky nature & zany wit, its wild, vigorous & ebullient delights cannot be downplayed. Definitely worth a shot.

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